Bonnie and Clyde
Original vintage 1934 Wanted Poster & several rare photos



Here is an 8X8 vintage ORIGINAL wanted poster issued by the FBI in 1934 for the arrest of Bonnie & Clyde.

Offered here is a great historic memorabilia collection of Bonnie and Clyde items. The gentleman to whom these belonged was a friend of Floyd Hamilton - Floyd was Ray Hamilton's (member of Bonnie & Clyde's infamous gang) brother.  Many of the photos have written on the back them when Floyd gave them to this person. 

Issued by the Dept. of Justice for Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. It is on original D.O.J. paper stock and in excellent condition - just slight age discoloration, NO folds or creases!  Contains their criminal records, relatives, descriptions of each etc. 

Very RARE and UNIQUE piece!!

Also included are three 8" x 10" photos of 1.)Bonnie and Clyde posing as a couple. 2.) Photo of Shot-Up Car taken at the time of their capture. 3.) Death Photo (take a look at that one!)..All the photos appear to be copies of originals. Other Photos include: Clyde Barrow & Raymond Hamilton, mug shot of W.D. Jones (Clyde's Pal), Floyd & Ray Hamilton (looks like a jailhouse visit), Ray Hamilton and a Dallas Deputy (jailhouse), a photo of Eugene Lane laying dead in field with gun-toting G-Men, Frank Hamer beside the car he used in the Barrow-Parker chase that ended their lives in a bloody shoot out, picture of the sawed-off shotgun used by Bonnie, and some license plates found in their death car. Some of the photos have writing on the back explaining what they are.