Vintage Antique 19th Century Doll Bed

with Original Period Quilt


We realize these would do far better at a real upscale auction but we decided to try first on eBay. A VERY RARE, VERY VINTAGE 19th century Doll Bed with the ORIGINAL Period Quilt and Pillow. Acquired recently. Came directly (I know this sounds like a story but truly did) from the attic of an 85 year old woman in Stonington , CT. She got them from her grandmother nearly 80 years ago. Just an amazing piece of history and vintage doll memorabilia. Excellent condition.   AND, to have the ORIGINAL period quilt and pillow is unheard of!!  The collection also had Original Doll Baby carriages and another bed, but the prices were way to high.  We were fortunate enough to acquire the Doll Chest which we also have up for auction.   This bed is made of wood, is 15"w, 10.5" w, 11.5" to top of bed posts.  Quilt is 17"x15".

We also have the Doll Chest that goes with this bed.