TV debut - 1964

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A note about autographs. It came to my attention about a year ago that about 99% of all Fred Gwynne signed "Herman" photos on eBay are suspected as fake. I was informed by a very knowledgeable Munster authority who was extremely impressive on the details of his signature. Hence, as we have advised before on eBay autographs, BEWARE!

Toys & Vintage Memorabilia -

ColorForms - 1965 - Original vintage toy

Leaf Gum Pack Box from 1964
Mattel "Talking Herman" - 1964, MUST SEE!
Original Aurora Model Kits - 1965 - NICE!!  Two to choose from
UN-OPENED Card Game - 1964 - MUST SEE!!
TV Guide with Munsters on cover - Nice!  $65
Gold Key comics including #1 from 1964

Vintage Movie posters & lobby cards

Autographs -
Fred Gwynne autographs including a RARE Signed legal contract
Signed Fred Gywnne & Yvonne DeCarlo Munster photo