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Original Vintage Fine Art
Oil Paintings on Canvas

or the past 25 years we have collected, bought and sold the most rare and desirable Autographed treasures, Vintage Movie Posters, Historical Memorabilia, antique toys, and other RARE antiques and collectibles.  Over the past three years we have fallen in love with High Quality Fine Art, particular oil paintings from some of the most talented European artists of the 19th and early 20th century. Although we have acquired some great work from popular American Artists, it has been the stunning classic landscapes, villages and ships at sea from Demark, Norway and other European countries that has captured our admiration and often leaves us in awe. 

Our collection is comprised of 19th Century and/or early 20th Century.  We are not experts but believe all our art is classified under category Realism. Most of our vintage art is signed by a "Listed Artist" and for some we list auction result examples for that artists work.  On others without a signature?  Well, these were such incredibly amazing works of art, we just didn't care if there was a signature or not. One such example is the amazing "Battle at Sea", signed by an artist we've yet to identify and dated 1894.  But, what an astonishing piece.  We think you will agree. 

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