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"Popeye", 1935
Pipe Toss game

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This is a hard to find 1935 POPEYE PIPE TOSS game its ORIGINAL BOX!  Notice that this Popeye game is Complete with its original PIPE & ALL 3 RINGS! These are missing on many encountered. The beautiful cardboard lithograph of POPEYE stands a little over 10" tall and was made by Rosebud Art Company from 1935 - 1937. The game is dated 1935 by King Features Syndicate. The Rosebud Art Company started making toys in 1923. They began manufacturing one of the most popular of all Popeye toys, the Pipe Toss Game No. 17, in 1935. There were two versions of this toy, one with a wood pipe and one without. The version offered here with the wood pipe was by far the best seller. Please be sure to read more about vintage Popeye toys in January's issue of Kovels.


Very Rare vintage piece!



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