Frank Sinatra
Vintage Signed 1980 Concert Program with RARE Drawing
A unique VERY RARE opportunity to obtain
an AUTHENTIC Frank Sinatra inscription, autograph AND doodle
from 1980.

Here is truly a most incredible Frank Sinatra signed 1980 Concert Program where he adds a very unusual and RARE Drawing!! 

This lavish 1980 program has an inscription personally written by Sinatra at one of his Albert Hall performances.
The recipient was a friend of Albert R "Cubby" Broccoli,
the famous James Bond films producer.
He introduced her to Sinatra, (she had been suffering from a life threatening illness, hence happy face doodle),
because he knew she was a lifelong fan of his.

There is wear to the spine of this item.
The autograph and doodle are on page three of this ninety-eight page program,
which chronicles his career through the decades. 

We have been seeing a dramatic shift UPWARD of the value of Authentic Frank Sinatra autographs. Weather or not this is due to high demand, the low supply, the flood of forgeries on Ebay or a combination of all three we can only speculate. Larger Autograph dealers like Fraser's Autographs or History Direct sell a piece like this for $3500-5000.  Just check out their web site