"NO Census, NO FEELING", 1940
"Three Pests in a Mess", 1945

VERY RARE - Original Columbia Pictures Short One Sheets
The Three Stooges

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1940 - VERY RARE Columbia Pictures short for what many critics called "The best Stooges short ever"!  
"No Census, No Feeling". 

Just check out  www.threestooges.net and see what they're saying.
"One of their best, the party scenes were hilarious! I believe 1940 was the best year for the stooges, Grade: A+"

"I've watched this six times in a row and that ALWAYS makes me laugh."

With Three Stooges vintage Columbia One Sheets selling for up to over $100,000, the investment potential is excellent. ...Ever find yourself saying.. "I had the chance to buy one of those when they were ------, now they're over $20,000!".  How many times have you later kicked yourself with that thought?

We have seen very few of these over the past 20+ years of collecting. This one is in very good +  condition and has been professionally linen backed. 



1945 - EXTREMELY RARE Columbia Pictures short for 
one of their best!  
"Three Pests in a Mess".
Moe. Larry. Curly along with their regular sidekicks Christine McIntyre & Vernon Dent

The Stooges are trying to get a patent on their rather unusual fly-catching device, but they calculate that they need to catch 100,000 flies to pay for the patent.  Some crooks overhear them, and misunderstand, thinking that the Stooges are the winners of the $100,000 sweepstakes.

When the crooks start chasing the Stooges, the boys hide in a sporting goods store.  Curly accidentally shoots a store dummy, and the Stooges panic and try to get rid of the body.  They try to dump it in the alley, but a cop comes along and chases them away for trying to "dump garbage" there.  They then decided to bury the body in a pet cemetery, but a nightwatch hears them and calls the owner, who comes over with a couple of his friends from a costume party and terrify the Stooges.

What Stooge critics say about "Three Pests"..

"Here's one I really wish AMC would play! (A favorite from my childhood.) If your unsure how good Christine McIntyre is, watch the "Show me your hearts!" scene. She's awesome! At the end of that scene, there's a good MOE/LARRY moment. Christine throws a jar of ink at Curly, but it hits Moe in the face. Moe backs into the hallway (looking like Al Jolson). Larry sees him, gets down on one knee and exclaims:"MAMMY!" Moe says "PAPPY" and hits him in the face! I love the 'stiff' in the body bag scene at the Ever Rest Pet Cemetery. (with the hand slapping Curly on top of the head every time he pulls the bag over his shoulder.) The DEVIL, SKELETON & VILLAIN (just like in "Spook Louder") are good too. As far as the abrupt black screen at the end, I don't know why that was done..but I like it; somehow, it seems right for this short."

"this is truly a stooge classic. haven't seen this one in years. it sort of a combo of three dumb clucks and when a body meets a body. especially the part where Christine McIntyre tells the bad guys"

"A fantastic short with a great plot. Stooge, the plot is supposed to be like 2 shorts put together, hence the name of the short"

We have been fortunate enough to acquire these two incredible Stooge treasures which VERY RARELY appear on the market and when they do, it is usually at Christies or Heritage where the final hammer price is usually double or triple our prices. 

GREAT Artwork with Moe/Larry/Curly along with regular short actress Christine McIntyre. Very good condition and has been professionally linen backed.