"Rumpus in the Harem", 1956 
One-sheet movie poster 
Starring "The Three Stooges"

1956 - A very RARE  Three Stooges vintage one sheet with great images of the boys. .

An Original Vintage Theater-Used One-Sheet Movie Poster (measures 27" x 41") 

The Boys try to save a girl from being sold to a Sultan. Remake of Stooge short "Malice In The Palace" (1949) using that footage to replace Shemp who had died just before making this film. Moe and Larry had the difficult task of pretending that Shemp was still in the film shortly after his sudden death on November 22, 1955

Director(s):   Jules White
Producer(s):   Jules White
Story By:   Felix Adler
Screenwriter(s):   Jack White
Actor(s):   Vernon Dent, George Lewis

A real Nice Stooge one sheet with exceptional graphics and artwork. With the rise in early Stooge movie posters reaching the six figure value range, this is no doubt a great opportunity and exciting investment.

Very good condition with minor wear. 


Guaranteed Original

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