Three Stooges
ORIGINAL vintage Studio Promotional Press Photos from the early 30's and 40's
These are not only the most incredible, but the ONLY ORIGINAL  press release 3 Stooges photographer stills we have ever seen. 

A Brief History of Movie Stills

Movie stills (photos) have been issued by studios since the earliest days of cinema. They were sent in limited numbers direct from the studio's publicity department to theaters and the media to promote a new release and the film's stars. These printings had very short printing runs, and the stills became in essence "limited edition" prints.

Most movie stills show a movie scene, but also include stunning portrait shots and fascinating candids. Studios recognized the great promotional value of these stills to entice moviegoers into the theater, and often spared no expense in creating beautiful scene stills, portraits and candids taken by some of Hollywood's most accomplished photographers. Many stills are like works of art in themselves and have become iconic images of cinema and 20th Century culture.
Since the late '60s stills have taken their place along movie posters and lobby cards as desirable and highly collectible cinema artifacts. More and more collectors are becoming aware of these stills and how desirable they are to collect and/or display.

The 30 year still expert who owned these stills say they are the first he has seen in over 30 years.
These are even more rare then the movie posters or lobby cards.

stooges2_photo_early_30s.jpg (22504 bytes)

Early 1930's (maybe late 20's).  EXTREMELY RARE!! You would be very hard pressed to find such incredible ORIGINAL stills from the Three Stooges early days. All of these stills have been authenticated by a collector who is a 30 year expert on promotional press photos and stills.   Most have the original Columbia Studio photographers stamp on the back

Very early still with very young Curly and Larry. .One of the most extraordinary vintage Stooge still photos we have seen on the market.



A stunning early 30's ORIGINAL still with great poses. From the 1934 Columbia short "Punch Drunks".  Do you ever think you will see another like this again??

Excellent condition with some creasing along right border.


Stooges4_30s.jpg (31983 bytes)

Early 1930's ORIGINAL Stooges still.

Excellent condition, especially for a 70 year old photo.  One of the most extraordinary vintage Stooge still photos we have seen on the market. Maybe from their very first appearances together.. 


Stooges_photo_back.jpg (12457 bytes) Most of these photos have this original Studio Photographer's stamp on the back

stooges3_photo_40s.jpg (22838 bytes)

ORIGINAL Studio Promotional Press photo from early 40's.  Great scene and excellent condition.



Stooges_Healy_photo2.jpg (18352 bytes)

1930 - ORIGINAL 8" X 10" still of THREE STOOGES founding member TED HEALY , FRANCES MCCOY , and LUCILLE BROWN as they appeared in SOUP TO NUTS [Fox 30] , the legendary Rube Goldberg-written first film appearance of THE THREE STOOGES!



Most of the ORIGINAL photographer's stills below came directly from the Jules White estate.  As any Stooge fan knows, Jules White was the Director and Producer of the majority of  Three Stooge's Columbia Shorts. Many of these photos, which I purchased from a family member, includes exceptional provenance including Jules White Last Will and Testament along with a letter from the family member attesting to the acquisition of the Jules White estate. Many of them also have Jules White signature in the form of "Return to Jules White", a studio photographers stamp, or the news print/caption attached on the reverse or two or more of these assets on the back of the photo. These are all ORIGINAL Studio photo stills taken on the set and ARE not the glossy reproductions sold in stores or on the internet.   Our personal red stamp on the front of the photo is NOT on the original.

Stooges_photo_Shemp_Shivering.jpg (21991 bytes)

1948 - Great ORIGINAL still photo from the Jules White estate. "Shivering Sherlocks". Back has original Columbia photographers stamp along with press release clip.  Also, Jules White has signed back "Return to Jules White"....

NOT a cheap re-pro, but an ORIGINAL Columbia photographer's still. VERY RARE!




Stooges_photo_Shemp_Shivering_back.jpg (9131 bytes)

Stooges_Photo_All_Gumed_1947.jpg (26510 bytes)

1947 - "All Gummed Up". ORIGINAL Columbia Studio still with photographers stamp on back.



Stooges_Photo_All_Gumed_back_1947.jpg (10197 bytes)

Stooges_Photo_Jules_White.jpg (37506 bytes)

Early vintage still from "Flat Foot Stooges". Excellent condition with Columbia studio photographer's stamp on back, Jules White signature demanding return of this still, and original news/press release clipping.  RARE and a real gem!  From the Jules White estate. Comes with detailed Jules White provenance.


Stooges_Photo_Jules_White_back.jpg (19579 bytes)

Stooges_Photo_Jules_White2.jpg (30205 bytes)

Early 30's vintage still from their Columbia Short "Dinky Detectives". Excellent condition with  original news/press release clipping on back.  RARE and a real gem! From the Jules White estate. Comes with detailed Jules White provenance.



Stooges_Photo_Jules_White2_back.jpg (12066 bytes)

Stooges_Jules_White_medicine_salesmen_tagged.jpg (44169 bytes)

From the early 30's and may be from one of their first Columbia short's together.  The contrast and quality of this original still is just amazing!  I never knew Moe had freckles until I saw this photo. We are keeping this one for our own collection but wanted to share it with our friends.



Stooges_Jules_White_medicine_salesmen_b.jpg (9706 bytes)

Stooges_photo_Nazi_scene.jpg (53338 bytes)

Original early Studio still. Great rare vintage scene from 30's.  With original news/press release clipping on back. From the Jules White estate. Comes with detailed Jules White provenance.



Stooges_Nazi_scene_522_back.jpg (14373 bytes)

Stooges_Jules_photo_bar_scene.jpg (42241 bytes) Very early 1930's, maybe one of their first Columbia shorts together.  A very striking and extremely high quality original studio still.  With only a small piece torn from upper left border corner.   Has original news/press release clipping on back. From the Jules White estate. Comes with detailed Jules White provenance.



Stooges_Jules_photo_bar_scene_159_back.jpg (12087 bytes)

Stooges_photo_571.jpg (49444 bytes)

Early vintage ORIGINAL studio still from 1930's. Excellent condition.

From the Jules White estate. Comes with detailed Jules White provenance.


Stooges_photo_571back.jpg (8787 bytes)

Stooges_Merry_Mix_Up_Besser.jpg (34676 bytes)

From 1956 - one of my favorite Stooge images of all time. Here, soon after Shemp's passing, Joe Besser teamed up with Moe and larry. Here they star in "Merry Mix-up". Great shot of them with their look-a-likes!  An ORIGINAL Columbia Studio still. Given to Emil Sitka   ("The Fourth Stooge") by Jules White. We acquired directly from the Sitka family.  A real beauty!!

Has Columbia stamp, Jules Whites autograph and original news/press clipping on back!


Stooges_Merry_Mix_Up_Besser_still_back.jpg (18287 bytes)